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Cookbook for Expectant Mothers Recalled

A cookbook for pregnant women, The Happy Baby Cookbook from Australian Women's Weekly, is being recalled in New Zealand and Australia due to concerns over its nutritional recommendations. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority takes issue with certain recipes in the book that contain ingredients that "food safety officials believe could harm a woman or [...]

Cadbury Chocolates' PR Hell in New Zealand

Cadbury, the self-proclaimed "world's largest confectionary manufacturer," is finding itself in the middle of a PR shitstorm in New Zealand over its recent decision to use palm oil in its chocolate — the Auckland Zoo is now boycotting all of Cadbury's products, claiming that endangered orangutans are losing their habitat due to the continued demand [...]

Cranberry Sauce on Pizza, from 'The Kitchen Job' [video]

In a recent episode of The Kitchen Job, the New Zealand rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares, the team visits Vinnie's, a restaurant in a beach town on the west coast of New Zealand. Run by Vito, a lawyer who transplanted his family from New York City 18 months ago, Vinnie's is losing $10,000 NZ (~$5,750 US) [...]

The Kitchen Job, a Ripoff of Kitchen Nightmares from New Zealand [video]

Out of New Zealand comes a new restaurant reality series, The Kitchen Job, a blatant ripoff of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Launched in November, the show stays true to the format: savior steps into a failing restaurant, retools the menu, redesigns the space, and fixes everything.
It's a gentler revision of the original, even omitting the [...]

Hell Pizza Commercial Offends, Gets Pulled

A bizarre commercial for the New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza got pulled because it was deemed in bad taste:
The animated Hell Pizza ad shows a mostly skeletal [Sir Edmund Hillary], along with actor Heath Ledger and the Queen Mother, emerging from graves to dance to Michael Jackson's song Thriller.
This is the same company that [...]

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