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Football-Shaped Stuffed French Toast at IHOP

IHOP is doing some cross-promotion with the NFL to "offer the ultimate fan fuel for football enthusiasts," which means reworking and renaming some dishes, including the NFC and AFC Stuffed French Toast: A football-shaped version of their cinnamon raisin stuffed French toast filled with a sweet cream center. It's grilled and served on top of [...]

NFL Star Antonio Cromartie Complains About Food on Twitter, Gets Fined $2500 By His Team

The $2,500 tweet.
This news is a couple of days old (we don't read the sports media), but San Diego Chargers cornerback and Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie (@crimetime31) was fined $2,500 by his team for complaining about the food. The offending tweet: "Man we have 2 have the most nasty food of any team. Damn can [...]

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