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Jamie Oliver: Kids Should Work For Skateboards, Breakdancing Outfits, Ghetto Blasters

Photo composite: Eat Me Daily
Jamie Oliver is to appear on Nightline tonight, and he talked about food and kids and the value of a dollar (pound), revealing the following awesome things about himself:

As a young teen Oliver worked in his family's restaurant: "so like an 11, 12, 13-year-old, you know, I'd be earning, I'd be [...]

Fancy Fast Food on Nightline [video]

Nightline last night ran their segment featuring Erik Trinidad of Fancy Fast Food. With the assistance of Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit, they transformed a meal from Wendy's into a chicken mole that Knowlton calls "better than airplane food."
When asked if he ever wants to cheat, Trinidad responds, "Well, where's the integrity?"

Photo: Frank Bruni, Dick Cheney, and Pope John Paul II

This morning Nightline posted the article that's paired with tonight's segment with Frank Bruni. The associated slideshow has photographs of Bruni in Air Force One with George Bush, in the Bergdorf Goodman salon contemplating a wig, and above, hanging with Pope John Paul II and Dick Cheney. Nightline's articles online are typically close to word-for-word [...]

Wolfgang Puck Reads from Romance Novel [video]

Last night's Nightline had a segment on the recent surge in sales of romance novels. As a gag, they had different celebrities read short passages from some of the novels, including Wolfgang Puck.
Sorta cute, Puck with his Austrian accent, reading out loud, "He kissed her with a soft sensuality and stirred every nerve in her [...]

Johnny Iuzzini on Nightline [video]

The effervescent Johnny Iuzzini got the Nightline "Platelist" treatment Friday night (see the text version). He prepares the theatrical yet intriguing "purple corn puff," but otherwise it's a pretty standard piece — he talks about his childhood, the sacrifices he's made for his career, and what's wrong with kids these days. It ends one of [...]

Nightline on 'Breastaurants' [video]

This just in: boobs are recession-proof, particularly when paired with beer and hot wings. Not surprised? Neither were we, which is why we're annoyed with Nightline's report on the booming "Breastaurant" business in Texas. This story was broken by the Star Telegram out of Fort Worth back in January (link here but it's 404ing, and [...]

Jamie Oliver on Nightline [video]

On Friday night, Nightline ran a segment on Jamie Oliver's media empire and social campaigns for school lunches, healthy eating, and animal welfare. It's kind of a total fluff piece, and nothing new. But when asked how he raised 280 million pounds ($500 million US) from the British government for school lunches, he answered, "Television."
You [...]

Josh Ozersky Talks Hamburgers on Nightline [video]

Josh Ozersky, editor of The Feedbag and hamburger expert, was on Nightline last night, going on a hamburger tour across Manhattan. He and the reporter visit The Spotted Pig, Shake Shack, Pat La Freida Wholesale Meats, and City Burger to try the infamous Black Label burger. Read Nightline's associated article here. The focus of the [...]

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