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Julie & Julia's Real Star: Mastering The Art of French Cooking

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The conversation surrounding the release of Julie & Julia has fluttered around plenty of topics: this is a movie about old media versus new; this is a movie about women being strong in the kitchen; this is a movie about the transformative power of cooking; this is a movie about Julia [...]

The Redesign of the Julie & Julia Book Cover

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Julie & Julia — and here we're talking about the book (buy at Amazon) — has gone from a classy design to, in its new tie-in form, basically a poster for the movie. In fact, the redesigned book cover looks exactly like the poster for the movie. At least they didn't use the [...]

What's Wrong With Julie & Julia

We've had a couple of days to digest the trailer for Julie & Julia, the movie based on the book based on the blog based on Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and we've decided that we're not happy.
Let's be blunt: Julie Powell's Julie & Julia was not a thrilling, uproarious [...]

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