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Marge Simpson in Playboy: Semi-Naked, With Doughnuts

What can we say? What better way for The Simpsons to get some attention than by having Marge Simpson be a centerfold in Playboy magazine? Here's an image from the spread, fulfilling many a man's dream (or at least Homer's): a plate full of doughnuts, Duff beer out of a champagne glass, a bear rug, [...]

Mary-Louise Parker Naked Save for an Apron, Baking a Pie

Here's a somewhat NSFW photo set of Mary-Louise Parker in the August 2009 issue of Esquire of her working dough in lingerie and holding a finished pie naked, save for an apron. One might ask: Why is she baking a pie naked?
Well, there just so happens that the article has an attached recipe in [...]

Katy Perry Naked But For A Strategically Placed Pizza [sfw]

Katy Perry posted the above photograph to Twitpic of her taking a bath with a pizza, strategically covering her more naughty parts.
The image's title: "I have no self control." Does she mean "I can't control myself and ate a whole pizza"? Or does she mean "I can't control myself and posted a semi-naked photograph of [...]

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