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Parodies of Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [food art]

Here are some dark, funny, and brilliant parodies of Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign by Brooklyn-based artist Trevor Bittinger. Sort of inevitable, really, but some of these are totally spot-on, in a culture-jamming Adbusters kind of way — particularly the one above that's refashioned into an ad for Coke. See the whole set over at [...]

Obese Barbie, Superman, Playmobil [advertising]

Closeup of the original
The advertising for the Active Life Movement, an anti-obesity campaign from Austin-based design firm Latinworks warns parents to "Keep obesity away from your child," and reimagines childhood toys and heroes as being lazy and overweight: Superman, Playmobil Pirates, and Barbie. [via]

Tom Vilsack's Parents' Questionable Weight-Loss Techniques

In an interview with the Washington Post, Tom Vilsack, the new Secretary of Agriculture, shares his thoughts on local food ("In a perfect world, everything that was sold, everything that was purchased and consumed would be local."), school lunches, the role of the USDA, and — most interestingly — his difficult, personal, childhood relationship with [...]

Ricky Gervais Responds to Critics of his Fat Jokes

Responding to a piece in the Telegraph UK, Ricky Gervais defends his fat jokes on his blog (sorry, there's no permalink):
I heard someone on the radio once say that they were tired of the prejudice aimed at the overweight. They said something like "you're not allowed to make fun of gay people, so why are [...]

Obesity Epidemic Hits Zoo Animals

The News & Observer reports on a recent symposium at North Carolina State University dealing with overweight zoo animals:
Gorillas in the wild live on a bulky, low-calorie diet of such things as leaves, shoots and bark, but in zoos are often fed specially formulated biscuits.
The biscuits offer nutrition, but aren't bulky and don't fill up [...]

Jamie Oliver Cuts Up a Corpse on Television [video]

images from calorielab

Jamie Oliver is, it turns out, so obsessed with keeping Brits slim that he actually cut up a corpse on a nationally-aired TV show back in January.
The autopsy was performed on a 25 stone (350lb) man who "literally ate himself to death," in the hopes of scaring the sandwiches right out of [...]

Jamie Oliver Thinks America Looks Fat in Those Pants

Fading UK celeb chef Jamie Oliver is horrified by Britain's rising obesity levels, and wants someone to step in and fix the problem before they wind up like, um, us:
"If we leave it, it will be like America, where it is almost not worth it, because it's so ingrained."
..."I believe that radical change is quite [...]

Bigger Desks Needed for Fat UK Schoolchildren

Schools in the UK need to buy bigger desks and chairs because "children are getting too fat for furniture used in most classrooms." Led by former Cabinet minister Charles Clarke, the commission on the future of education called on schools to "refit classes with sturdier chairs and higher tables to curb a rise in the [...]

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