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What, Exactly, Is a Hangtown Fry?

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In last week's San Francisco episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited the Tadich Grill to eat a hangtown fry, a dish he called "an abomination against God and civilization." What, exactly, is a hangtown fry? Put simply: it's an omelette that includes bacon and oysters, with an origin story with one of [...]

Heroes in a Half Shell: Sex, Death & Oysters by Robb Walsh [book review]

It's tempting to try to put Robb Walsh's Sex, Death & Oysters (buy on Amazon) in the same category as other single-topic culinary books, like Anne Mendelson's Milk, or Jennifer McLagan's Fat. There are certainly similarities: a history of the ingredient and its cultivation, a smattering of recipes both traditional and innovative, and a generally [...]

Slurp & Shuck

Lately I've been thinking that all I really need in life is an incredibly vaginal abstract print based around an image of Wellfleet oysters and strings of pearls.

Somewhat unclear on why the full poster demands that the participants in the Wellfleet Oyster Festival should "SPEAK english," since bivalve slurping is a beautiful song sung [...]

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