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The Beta Cup Challenge to Create Recyclable Coffee Cups

Photograph: Brittany Hardin
It can be a challenge to lug around reusable coffee cups, not to mention clean them and keep track of them. Thus, for many, our morning cup of coffee comes out of a paper cup. After the last lukewarm drops, the cup is tossed into the garbage without so much as a second [...]

Food Packaging Monster Attacks French Supermarket [video]

How much food packaging is too much? Two French commercials duke it out over this question with pretty goofy results. In the first video, a commercial for European Waste Reduction Week (site in French) aims to persuade consumers to make conscious packaging decisions at the supermarket and features a man being stalked by a giant [...]

Minute Maid Packaging Redesign

Coca-Cola is introducing a new identity for its global juice portfolio, starting with Minute Maid in the U.S. beginning this month. AdAge tells us it was designed by Duffy & Partners and CMA Design in partnership with Coca-Cola's in-house design team, and The Dieline has more pictures of the redesign. Unlike Pepsi's Tropicana redesign that [...]

Advertising on Chinese Food Take-Out Containers

Photo: Raphael Brion
The intrusion of advertising on every possible surface is relentless, and more or less inevitable. First it was coffee cups and sleeves, then seat-back trays in airplanes, then pizza boxes, and now even the lowly Chinese food take-out box is a vehicle for companies to pimp their products.
Getting this delivered to my apartment [...]

How to Greenwash Your Packaging

This illustration by Lunchbreath is basically a checklist for corporate greenwashing: Earth tones, sans serif type, unbleached paper, and emotional messaging are essential components of the deceptive marketing techniques employed by corporations that rebrand their products.
We liked the customer benefit: "Be selfish while appearing progressive."
[via Osocio]

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Packaging Design

Today, Starbucks introduced their VIA Ready Brew, or what they're calling "a breakthrough in instant coffee," $20 for 24 single-serve packets. What we liked most was the packaging: the box is cut out to evoke the shape of a paper coffee cup.

Over Spilt Milk at the City Reliquary Museum [food art]

Currently on display at the City Reliquary in Brooklyn, NY, is the show Over Spilt Milk: The Fight for Fair Price & Fair Profit in Depression Era New York.
The exhibition, by the NY Food Museum, tells the story of New York’s Consumer-Farmer Milk Cooperative through pamphlets, broadsides, and vintage milk cartons from the 1930s, even [...]

Jamie Oliver Packaging Design by Pearlfisher

Lovely packaging design for Jamie Oliver products. Pearlfisher's website says:
Task: New brand creation, developing a new lifestyle concept that elevates the Jamie Oliver experience from the kitchen to the home.
Scope: Strategy, logo, brand identity, corporate identity, structural design, design of over 170 SKUs, secondary packaging, tone of voice, naming, pack and web copy.

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