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Padma Shills Her 'Easy Exotic' Line of Blooming Teas on HSN

Here's video of Padma Lakshmi on the Home Shopping Network pimping her "East Exotic" Tea Set that includes a glass tea pot (microwavable! dishwasher safe!) with a variety of blooming teas (hand-tied in China!). All for $29.95 plus $6.45 s&h. Ten minutes of stunning, mind-numbing television.

Padma, Naked, Jewelry Ad

When Padma Lakshmi isn't hosting Top Chef, writing cookbooks, working on a sitcom, doing burger porn, or starring in Star Trek, she works on her own line of jewelry. There's only one way to advertise jewelry, and that's to get naked and have the renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel shoot the pictures.
The copy on [...]

Today in Contradictory Dieting Advice

The New York Times profiles Padma Lakshmi in "Staying Fit When Eating Is Your Job": "She always keeps a jump rope in her suitcase in case she finds herself with free time... When the show is not in production, she regularly boxes, walks stairs and does upper body work as part of a daily [...]

Videos of Padma Lakshmi on Star Trek: Enterprise

After Padma Lakshmi signed a development deal with NBC to star in a half-hour comedy series, the AV Club unearthed clips of her in the movie Glitter, so we figured we'd look up some of her other previous acting gigs.
Here are video clips of the episode "Precious Cargo" of Star Trek: Enterprise (aired December 11, [...]

Padma Lakshmi's TV Show, Single Serving

Padma Lakshmi has signed a development deal with NBC for a half-hour comedy in which she stars "as a woman working in the culinary world" (working title: Single Serving). Charlie Corwin will executive produce, whose track record includes producing four episodes of Storm Chasers and 29 episodes of Miami Ink.
NBC recently has had a [...]

Padma Lakshmi Gets Naked for Allure Magazine

Dear Internet, Padma got naked in Allure. Love, EMD.

Padma Lakshmi Lightens Up American Comfort Foods for Parade

Padma Lakshmi has made a career out of getting folks to equate food and sex — see the recent soft-core commercial for Hardee's. But writing for Parade Magazine, she springs on us three recipes: a low-fat turkey Sloppy Joe, some sort of Midwestern pasta bake, and a frozen fruit tart using a ready-made graham-cracker [...]

Top Chef Ejectee Lauren Starling Hope on Padma Lakshmi [saucy]

After being sent home from Top Chef, Lauren Starling Hope gave some pretty standard exit interviews to a few blogs, but she let loose when Yum Sugar interviewed her, having some choice words about Padma Lakshmi:
As for Padma, they do a very nice job editing and she comes out looking nice. She's not a person [...]

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