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Three Things Ivana Trump Dislikes

Every week, Ivana Trump files pseudo-journal entries for the New York Post's Page Six Magazine, for a column called "Ivana-logues." In this week's column she shares her dislikes:
There are three things I dislike: rice pudding, social climbers and photo shoots—though not necessarily in that order.

New York City's Elite Move the Party Indoors to Private Clubs

The New York Post's Page Six magazine ran a feature called "Private Clubs: Hideouts of the Rich and Shameless," about how New York City's elite are using private clubs to revel in their continued wealth, far away from the commoners, at places like the Core Club, which costs $50,000 to join with a $15,000 annual [...]

The Girthy Cultural Icons of New York City and Chicago: Mario Batali and Oprah Winfrey

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The New York Post's Page Six Magazine ran a two-page spread called "Sin City: New York vs Chicago" comparing the cities in terms of corruption (Spitzer vs Blagojevich), murder rates, Trump building debacles, and the girthy cultural icons, Mario Batali vs Oprah Winfrey. Page Six asks: "Which city is more disastrous for your [...]

Page Six Magazine Chefsplosion, Now Online

Last week had scans of Page Six Magazine's features on Ferran Adrià and Tom Colicchio, but the articles are finally online:

The Adrià article
The Colicchio article

Page Six Magazine Chefsplosion

The upcoming issue of New York Post's Page Six Magazine hands us not one, but two features on chefs about town. There's a puff piece (what's up, Top Chef publicity machine!) about how Tom Colicchio's midlife crisis involves rock 'n roll, but we also get an inside look at a lunch honoring Ferran Adria at [...]

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