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Good Enough to Eat: Paintings by Nouar [food art]

Left: “What a tomato." Right: "My Melty Friend." Photos by permission.

"Mother's Little Tater Tots," Nouar. Image courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Nouar is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator who takes inspiration from classic animation, Americana, and vintage advertising. Brightly- and colorfully-painted, featuring anthropomorphized edible characters, her work carries a sometimes dark and subversive undertone [...]

'American Still Life' Paintings by Pamela Michelle Johnson [food art]

“BURGERS II," Pamela Michelle Johnson, 2007, Photo by permission.
“American Still-Life” by civil engineer-turned-artist Pamela Michelle Johnson is a series of larger than life paintings that depicts our most gluttonous American indulgences. Based in Chicago, Johnson uses photo-realism to create her work by first photographing her subjects, and then sketching and painting them on canvas. The [...]

'Chicken Truck' by Sanaura Taylor [food art]

"Chicken Truck," Sanaura Taylor, 2007, Oil on canvas, 126" x 96" View larger
Currently on display at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City is the striking large-scale painting "Chicken Truck" by Sanaura Taylor. Within the bleak, mobile prison, the chickens are painted as individuals.

Paintings of Food in Austin by Kaci Beeler [food art]

Kaci Beeler, "Enchiladas from Chuy's" 10"x 10" oil on canvas. Photo by permission.
Freelance artist and actor Kaci Beeler created a series of food paintings in Spring 2009 based on all her favorite and “most delicious” Austin, Texas food finds. Beeler worked off photographs of her favorite meals to create the series of 10x10" oil paintings. [...]

Paintings by Mike Geno [food art]

Mike Geno, "Chops" 24"x24" oil on wood. Photo by permission.
Mike Geno is a Philadelphia-based artist who, among other things, makes still-life paintings of food. The single-subject pieces, in series titled meat, donuts, bread, and "foodie" explore "the attractive qualities of various food items that we are sold in the consumer culture we exist.” According to [...]

'Carnophobia (Fear of Meat)' by Michael Mararian [food art]

'Carnophobia (Fear of Meat),' Michael Mararian, 2008, Ink on Bristol Board
Here's "Carnophobia (Fear of Meat)," a painting by Michael Mararian, part of his "Phobias" series. Other paintings in the series include Xanthaphobia (Fear of the Color Yellow), Arctophobia (Fear of Bears), and Pupaphobia (Fear of Puppets), for example.
The original "Carnophobia" is sold, but fear [...]

Mark Ryden's 'The Meat Show' [food art]

Mark Ryden, 'The Angel of Meat,' Oil on Panel, 1998
Everything old is new again, and the same couldn’t be more true for artist Mark Ryden. Probably more nationally recognized for his work of album covers (cough, cough Michael Jackson’s "Dangerous" album cover art) than his studio work, his twelve-year old exhibit "The Meat Show" recently [...]

Clark V. Fox at the CUE Art Foundation [food art]

Currently on display at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City is a solo exhibit by Clark V. Fox, featuring paintings that place the iconic Mr. Peanut alongside appropriated corporate logos and political icons, including Chairman Mao and George Washington.

Curated by Mary Heilmann, this is Clark V. Fox's first solo show in 30 years. [...]

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