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Helicopter Parents Wage Fraught Battle Against O-R-E-Os, Fun

Helicopter parents, the scourge of the education system, fellow public-transit commuters, and fun-loving citizens everywhere are now in the crosshairs of eating disorder specialists, according to a report in the New York Times.
In addition to little Dillinger and Gingerly’s increased risk of generalized anxiety, fear of failure, failure to thrive and stunted development, HP’s hysterical [...]

Tom Vilsack's Parents' Questionable Weight-Loss Techniques

In an interview with the Washington Post, Tom Vilsack, the new Secretary of Agriculture, shares his thoughts on local food ("In a perfect world, everything that was sold, everything that was purchased and consumed would be local."), school lunches, the role of the USDA, and — most interestingly — his difficult, personal, childhood relationship with [...]

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