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Slope's Bistro Restaurant Grill & Bar

Strolling along 6th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we came across a restaurant close to opening called "Slope's Bistro Restaurant Grill & Bar." First off: These people need some friggin commas. Secondly: Trying to be everything for everybody is never a good idea. What, no bahn mi? How about some BBQ? Why not some shabu [...]

Questions for John Hodgman from New York Times Readers

The New York Times' City Room blog invited readers to ask John Hodgman questions about "life as an author, famous minor television personality and a man who wears glasses in New York," particularly "in the areas of his expertise (for example, Brooklyn inventions, the names of mole-men and how to cook an owl, among other [...]

Roots Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Serves Stumptown Coffee [mindblowing]

Roots Cafe's website claims "You’ve never tasted finer coffee! Never!" That's a tall claim in any context, but given that they're serving the celebrated Stumptown coffee from Portland, Oregon, we couldn't help but go check it out. We tried the drip and an Americano, and here is our verdict: Holy f-cking sh-t. Words can't ever [...]

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