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The Least Interesting Man in the World [video]

Here's a parody of The Most Interesting Man in the World. A marketing ploy to encourage designated driving, the commercial stars comedian Erik Griffin as a man whose "nights always end like they start--sober, and with his pants on." While not quite as, er, interesting as the ad it mocks, it's still pretty funny. And [...]

Jay Leno Parodies Gordon Ramsay

In this video clip "Other Shows Pitched to Jay: Jay's Kitchen," Jay Leno does a super-angry Gordon Ramsay impression, burning some poor cook's hands. His British accent, however, could use some work, sounding more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than anything.

Milk Men: A Mad Men Parody

Here's a pretty exceptional four-minute parody of Mad Men by Sidecar Comedy for called Milk Men in which "milk is delivered, passions run deep, and it all looks like the 60s."

'There's a McDonald's for Everyone' Parody Commercials

McDonald's in the UK is running these "McDonald's for Everyone" commercials describing their customers with the cutesy turn-of-phrase "just passing by." The commercial is a ripoff (or homage, your pick) of the Rolf Harris song "The Court of King Caractacus," itself a reworking of a boy scout's campfire song.
Alright. Enter the British comedian/musician Chris Cohen, [...]

Parodies of Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [food art]

Here are some dark, funny, and brilliant parodies of Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign by Brooklyn-based artist Trevor Bittinger. Sort of inevitable, really, but some of these are totally spot-on, in a culture-jamming Adbusters kind of way — particularly the one above that's refashioned into an ad for Coke. See the whole set over at [...]

South Park Commercial Parodies Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [video]

Comedy Central is running a commercial for South Park's upcoming season that parodies Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign— except instead of the Pepsi logo, they're using the characters' heads and inane phrases. They've totally got the style down: the bounciness, the colors, the typeface.
Pepsi's redesigned logo was derided as a shameless ripoff of Barack [...]

Mind-Blowing Food Safety Music Parodies

Okay, people. This is, bar none, the best thing I have ever found on the internet: Dr. Carl Winter's Food Safety Songs.
Dr. Winter is the Weird Al of the food set — he picks up popular music and rewrites the lyrics to be about e. coli, pesticides, mad cow disease, and the importance of washing [...]

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