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'Pasta Sauna' by Marije Vogelzang at Performa 09

Photographs: Raphael Brion / Eat Me Daily
"Pasta Sauna" is the latest food art installation by Dutch “eating-designer" Marije Vogelzang that ran last week as part of Performa 09, the third edition of the biennial of new visual art performance in New York City. Similar in spirit to a regular sauna, but instead of hot [...]

Retro Recipes: Tagliarini, 1958

Welcome to Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week revisits a preparation from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Tagliarini.
As I look back on these Retro Recipes, I see a disappointing lack of that most vilified and clichéd of [...]

Rachael Ray Portrait Made Out of Pasta [food art]

A portrait of Rachael Ray made out of pasta, by American mosaic artist Jason Mecier. [via]

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