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Paula Deen Launching Furniture Line

Paula Deen twittered about it back in January, but earlier this week Furniture Today ("Number One In The Furniture Industry, and Growing In Popularity Daily") reported details about the upcoming Paula Deen Home line, to be manufactured by Universal Furniture.
Deen told Furniture Today: "Some of the furniture is shabby chic and has a distressed, casual [...]

Food Network Chefs in Pancake 'Art' from Food Network Magazine [not food art]

What Food Network Magazine is calling "Food Network Chefs in Pancake Art" doesn't fit into our category of what we'd call food art. The resemblances aren't even close, but hey, if you want to learn how to make some poor caricatures out of pancakes, the Food Network even made a handy how-to slide-show. We, however, [...]

Paula Deen's Snowman Made Out of Butter [video]

Paula's Party is completely unwatchable unless you're on some serious pain medication. Luckily we were! We managed to catch the show this weekend, where she had a snowman made out of butter.
In one of the few cases of censorship on the Food Network we can imagine, guest Danny Boone (of Rescue Chef) had his words [...]

Paula Deen on 'The Tonight Show' [video]

Paula Deen paid a visit to The Tonight Show Monday night, to promote her kids' cookbook and to make stuffed shells. Not just any stuffed shells, but stuffed shells with cottage cheese, instead of ricotta, because "In Savannah, Georgia, that is Italian."
Jay Leno just can't help but mock her accent and try to get [...]

Regis Philbin as Gordon Ramsay, Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen on Halloween Show [video]

Regis Philbin as Gordon Ramsay' Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen, drinking oil with butter kebab in hand; Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen eating a butter kebab doughnut sandwich; orange clogs
It was celebrity chef central on this year's Halloween episode of Live with Regis and Kelly. Dressed up as Paula Deen, Kelly Ripa makes butter kebabs, [...]

Paula Deen Diet from 'The Big Gay Sketch Show' [video]

From Logo's The Big Gay Sketch Show comes The Paula Deen Diet, featuring such treasures as:
"Caramel fudge pork pancakes with pretzel pudding"
"A ham and icing sandwich between two pieces of slighty large ham"
"Sausage, egg and cheese, and flan muffins McMuffin"

Paula Deen Loses It

At the NYC Wine & Food Festival, she completely lost it: "[She] took a can of Reddi Whip (from her cooking demo, natch) into the audience, sprayed a rosette onto a man’s head and then ate it." [via Eater]

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