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The EMD Guide to Food from the 1950s: Food Styling and Cookbook Art

Ham from The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, 1950. Scan: Eat Me Daily
The 1950s were a crossover period for cookbooks, when graphics were about half hand-drawn illustrations and half super-saturated photographs, such as the one above. If the aesthetic appears rather commercial to you, that's no mistake: many of the cookbooks from this era were produced [...]

'Cake Mixx' Photos by Dustin Wayne Harris

Dustin Wayne Harris, "Chloe 2"
Demanding a home-made cake after a first date may not seem the surest way to a girl's heart, but for photographer Dustin Wayne Harris it is the best way to make an early connection. Says Harris, "Whereas some people consult astrologers, read Tarot cards, or tea leafs to predict the future, [...]

Chocolate and Ice: The Photography of Sarah Torr

Photograph: Sarah Torr, "What Lies Beneath the Ice"
Sarah Torr, a student at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, UK, has created a series of photographs depicting the effect of chocolate on ice. The photographs will be shown at Chewable Studios, also in Leicestershire. The images are enigmatic; one cannot immediately tell what is being photographed, or how [...]

'Almost Sunset' Photo Series by Liva Rutmane

Liva Rutmane. Left: Almost Sunset 01. Right: Almost Sunset 03.
Liva Rutmane is an art student in Riga, Latvia who sells some of her work on Etsy. She describes herself: "I like strange things, lot's of paint and everything colorful. I am amazed by popular cultures way of expression, but at the same time I am [...]

Carl Warner, Food Landscape Photographer, Gets a Book Deal

Photographs via
Carl Warner, famed food landscape photographer (we posted last week about his recreation of the London Skyline with fruit and vegetables), has landed a “nearly six-figure” two-title deal with Abrams Image, a publisher of art and illustrated books, reports Publishers Weekly. It'll be really great to Warner's work presented in book form, since [...]

The Food Landscapes of Laura Miner's Photography [food art]

Laura Miner, "Twinkie," 2009, Photos by permission.
Boston-based artist Laura Miner photographs our most glutinous, mass-produced, and sugary indulgences, creating new and undiscovered perspectives. Using items such as Twinkies and Snowballs, Miner photographs the desserts as they were "assaulted and left to rot." Other work by the artist, such as her food landscape photos, are [...]

'Make Something Cool Everyday' by Brock Davis [food art]

Brock Davis. Clockwise from top left: "Grand Prix Gold Milk Jug," "Partially Eaten Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Award," "Community Service," "Cup Lid Faces." Photos by permission.
The Minneapolis-based artist and designer Brock Davis uploads a new piece of artwork — encompassing illustration, sculpture, and photography — every day to his Flickr set as part of his [...]

'Spaghetti Hoops' by David Sykes

Above is the photograph "Spaghetti Hoops" by photographer David Sykes. The cheese is yellow towels and socks. [via Swiss Miss]

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