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'Offal Taste' Photo Series by Stephanie Diani [food art]

"Meat as fashion must be in the collective unconscious," wrote Stephanie Diani, Los Angeles-based photographer, when she let us know about her "Offal Taste" photo series from 2007. As a personal project, Diani designed and constructed all the "clothes" herself, and, by adopting a more "conventional" portrait style, the photographs belie the more controversial accessories [...]

'Raw Flesh' Photo Series by Clayton Cubit [food art]

We recently came across the "Raw Flesh" photo series by Clayton Cubit, part of a cover feature for a 2008 issue of Zink magazine, that pairs models with raw meat, where it's worn as a fashion accessory or even as a second skin.
Disturbing, creepy, but oddly beautiful — we have a feeling that some [...]

Vogue's 'Extreme Beauty' Photographs [food art]

"Sweetie (A)", Irving Penn, January 2002
We've always been partial to the hyperstylized Irving Penn food photography that accompanies Jeffry Steingarten's food writing in American Vogue. We should have been turning the pages, though, because as evidenced by's slideshow of photographs from the "Extreme Beauty In Vogue" exhibit in Milan, much of the magazine's beauty [...]

Orange Lemonade Igloo by Scarlett Hooft Graafland [food art]

"Lemonade Igloo" (detail), Scarlett Hooft Graafland
Don't Panic has an interview with Scarlett Hooft Graafland who spent four months living in the Inuit community of Igloolik working on a photography series, You Winter, let's get divorced. Graafland says:
For my project Lemonade Igloo, I made frozen blocks of orange lemonade, cast them in wooden boxes, and asked [...]

'Corporate Breakfast' by Tomasz Wiech

Photograph by Tomasz Wiech
We're totally loving this photograph of a "corporate breakfast" by Tomasz Wiech, a photographer for the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza Krakow, that won the third prize of the Daily Life Singles category in the World Press Photo Competition 2009.

'Pear Hikers' by Joachim Knill [food art]

From Migration: A Gallery, a gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia, comes the recent work of Joachim Knill, which "consists of 20”x30” Polaroid photographs created with the world's largest portable instant film camera which he designed and built himself." The website says: "Some of the scenes are fanciful, some are political, some are social commentary, all are [...]

London Shop Fronts Blog

We're really digging the London Shop Fronts tumblog.

'Noodles' by A Nice Idea Every Day [food art]

"Noodles" comes from the photography section of A Nice Idea Every Day, an art project by Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger. Their about page says: "Our work is inspired by pretty much everything, mostly bad tv shows, video games, goulash and ponies." [via]

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