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The 'Hardcore Meat Photography' Group on Flickr

German sausage by rdbeerd
There are so many weird and silly groups on Flickr, but the Hardcore Meat Photography definitely caught my eye. [via]

'American Cheese' by Esteban Pulido [Food Art]

The trend of presidential cookies and cereal boxes and what-not couldn't end sooner. But this artwork, American Cheese by Esteban Pulido, could have some better uses beyond trendy political foodstuffs. Photo-printing onto food: "Slices of American cheese with liquid photo sensitive emulsion processed in a darkroom with traditional black and white photography chemicals." American Cheese [...]

The Terrible Beauty of the Salt Mine [photos]

Total pageview farm, but here's a photo series by Time magazine of salt miners in Uganda, The Terrible Beauty of the Salt Mine:
At Lake Katwe in western Uganda, around 700 men, women and children work to extract salt from the brackish waters. They earn $30 a week for their labors, a decent wage by Ugandan [...]

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