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Hypnotic World Pizza Championship Dough Throwing [videos]

A week ago, the annual World Pizza Championships (website is only kind of in English) were held in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy. Along with taste tests, speed trials and an event called "The Longest Dough Stretch," there are freestyle pizza throwing competitions. Below, we've collected a handful of videos from this year's competition, in which pizza [...]

Pizza Pit's Creepy 'Let It Snow' Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to present to you the 1970s "Let It Snow" Pizza Pit commercial from Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, this probably cost about $50 to make. Yes, that is a toy pizza delivery car. Yes, that snow is flour. Yes, the children singing are a little creepy, especially at the end, when they [...]

Pizza as Art: 'Ain't' by Ted Mineo

"Ain't," Ted Mineo, 44" diameter, 7 segments, oil on resin. Photo courtesy of Ted Mineo and Deitch Projects.
Currently on display in the group exhibit "The Open" at Deitch Studios in Long Island City, New York is the piece "Ain't" by the artist Ted Mineo. Mineo told us a little bit about his work:
I titled this [...]

The Original VIDEO PIZZA: A One Hour Hypnotic Montage of Spinning Pizzas

Here's the trailer to the hour-long The Original VIDEO PIZZA (love the vintage website). Sort of like a video fireplace or video aquarium, instead it's just lots of pizzas spinning, spinning hypnotically, using music from "various instructional videos we got at the library."
It's a "one of a kind way to spend the evening! A [...]

Crimes Against Food: The Dessert Pizza at Max Brenner [video]

Sunday night, the Food Network aired the pizza edition of the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and we were mortified by what we saw right at the end: Aaron Sanchez praising the dessert pizza at Max Brenner: a monstrosity combining chocolate, marshmallows, candied hazelnuts, and bananas, all on top of pale pre-made pizza [...]

Coneinn's Pizza in a Cone

At the Fancy Food Show, we couldn't help but be impressed by the display for pizza in a cone by Coneinn, that pronounces itself to be "a new way of eating." If we are to believe Coneinn, the future is now, and it is cone-shaped.
Based out of Spain, the land of pizza experts, Coneinn's got [...]

Katy Perry Naked But For A Strategically Placed Pizza [sfw]

Katy Perry posted the above photograph to Twitpic of her taking a bath with a pizza, strategically covering her more naughty parts.
The image's title: "I have no self control." Does she mean "I can't control myself and ate a whole pizza"? Or does she mean "I can't control myself and posted a semi-naked photograph of [...]

Seductive Pizza-Eating in 30 Rock's Phone Sex Commercial [video]

In last week's 30 Rock, Jenna Maroney revealed to the writers' room that Liz Lemon did a commercial for a chat line 1-(900) OK-FACE: "When we were living back in Chicago, and Liz was still trying to be an actress, the only job she ever booked was for a local phone sex line, and they [...]

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