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Top Chef's Fabio Viviani as Frozen Pizza Spokesman

Photographic evidence: Top Chef's Fabio Viviani has been hired by Dr. Oetker, a European frozen pizza brand, to promote its Ristorante line of frozen thin-crust pizza in America. Cash money!

When Ordering Pizza, Be Sure to Include Any Noble Titles [video]

On this week's The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps, when ordering pizza, tried to get the "royal" treatment by telling the pizza delivery guy on the phone that the name is "Mrs. de Lesseps, Countess." (Her housekeeper/cook was visiting her family in the Philippines.)
In case you didn't know, LuAnn de Lesseps [...]

Shark Pizza Cutter

Photograph from Gizmodo
The shark pizza cutter is so completely bad ass. From Gizmodo's gallery of "Toys That Will Make Your Children Fat," part of their coverage of Toy Fair 2009.

Stephen Colbert Asks: Should We Bail Out Sbarro? [video]

In this video from last night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert ponders whether or not it makes sense to bail out the pizza chain Sbarro, since it was recently flagged as a company on the brink:
Everyone knows the finest cheese is aged, and no cheese slice sits out longer than the ones in Sbarro. So [...]

A Review of Pizza

From the website that offers "short reviews of pretty much whatever," Reviews Reviews Reviews!, comes a review of pizza:
Pizza is a circular bread sort of thing that is covered in tomato sauce, cheese, and various other toppings such as anchovies or pepperonis. It was invented in America by Americans for Americans, and it is accordingly [...]

'Secret Habit' T-Shirt by Glennz [stuff we like]

We totally like the illustrations by Glennz, particularly the Secret Habit t-shirt (above). Also of note is Organized Food Fight featuring giant foodstuffs engaged in gang warfare, Endangered Species, a cross-section of a fish revealing pre-made sushi, and Go For Launch, a Space Shuttle being propelled into outer space with Mentos and Diet Coke. [...]

Cranberry Sauce on Pizza, from 'The Kitchen Job' [video]

In a recent episode of The Kitchen Job, the New Zealand rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares, the team visits Vinnie's, a restaurant in a beach town on the west coast of New Zealand. Run by Vito, a lawyer who transplanted his family from New York City 18 months ago, Vinnie's is losing $10,000 NZ (~$5,750 US) [...]

Tater Tot Chili Pizza at Grinders Pizza on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives [video]

We're not ashamed to admit it: we like the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Regardless of how we feel about Guy Fieri and his Poochie-likeness, the show celebrates the depth and wealth of the independent restaurant scene across America.
We watched part of a marathon Food Network ran this weekend, and one of the standouts [...]

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