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Marge Simpson in Playboy: Semi-Naked, With Doughnuts

What can we say? What better way for The Simpsons to get some attention than by having Marge Simpson be a centerfold in Playboy magazine? Here's an image from the spread, fulfilling many a man's dream (or at least Homer's): a plate full of doughnuts, Duff beer out of a champagne glass, a bear rug, [...]

The Land, Sea, and Air Burger on Playboy's Eat Me! posted video of the first episode of Eat Me!, their self-proclaimed "ultimate guide to dumbass dude food," in which the hosts combine a McDonald's hamburger, a chicken patty and a Filet-o-Fish into one sandwich, calling it the Land, Sea, and Air Burger. "There are so many animals in mouth," they say.
Having already seen the [...]

2 Girls 1 Sub [nsfw video]

Parodying and piggybacking on the tired, gross "2 Girls 1 Cup" meme, Playboy is running this totally NSFW video promoting sandwiches from Quizno's. Says the website, "Playboy salutes lunchtime! In tough economic times, a great fast-food sandwich is a smart way to stretch your paycheck."
From now on we'll just associate Quizno's with poo.

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