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New Massachusetts Law Helps Allergy Sufferers Help Themselves

Photo by Jennerator
Katherine Mangu-Ward cross-posts to Crispy on the Outside and Hit & Run about a Massachusetts law that requires all restaurateurs to include a note on their menus telling customers to inform their servers if they have any food allergies. As if that's not stupid enough...
There’s also a voluntary program where restaurants can create [...]

Sandra Lee Goes To Washington, DC?

Store-bought cookies for everyone!
We didn't think anything could snap us out of our post-inauguration high, but then we heard the terrible news: Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of contention for the open position of New York senator.
Why does this matter? Because with Kennedy out of the running, the most likely candidate appears to be New [...]

Walter Scheib: Next White House Chef Will Be Chosen Without a 'Culinary Agenda'

Last week in a letter to the New York Times' dining section, Walter Scheib defended the culinary practices of the White House saying that "The presumptions of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, that the admirable agenda they espouse is not currently the practice in the White House kitchens, are false."
Today he made an [...]

Walter Scheib Defends the Local and Organic Cuisine of the White House

The endlessly self-promoting, ex-White House Chef Walter Scheib has a bone to pick with Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, and darn it, he's going to write a stern letter to the New York Times.
In a Times article published December 23, 2008, "Is a New Food Policy on Obama’s List?" (link), Reichl was paraphrased [...]

Congressman Howard Coble is Probably a Zombie

Slashfood shares a recipe for Brains and Eggs — that's, yes, canned pork brains sauteed with scrambled eggs. Specifically, they pass along the favorite recipe of U.S. Representative Howard Coble, a Republican congressman from North Carolina.
At the time of this post, Coble is best known for his justification of the internment of Japanese-Americans during [...]

Bacon Beats Fries

In other news, bacon beat fries in Colorado's 14th district. Antibaconstablishmentarianism is starting to look like 2008's Republicans. [via]

Jello Electoral Map

Photo by batmandu cooks and eats
The technique:
We made two copies of most states so we could eat the losing color when it was announced.


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