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Natural History of the Kitchen: Popcorn

Photograph: superiphi
Welcome to Natural History of the Kitchen, by EMD's Stephanie Butler. Each week, Stephanie explores the background of an appliance, gadget or product that helped to make cooking what it is today. This week: Popcorn.
Since last week we took a look at microwaves, it seems right that this week the spotlight shines on a [...]

Mmmvelopes: Bacon-Flavored Envelopes from the Makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise

J&D's, the makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise, isn't kidding when they say everything should taste like bacon: They just announced Mmmvelopes, bacon-flavored envelopes. $6.99 for 25 bacon-flavored #10 envelopes, $14.99 for 3 packs of 25. Proclaiming it as a radical change in 4,000 year-old envelope-flavor technology, they write: "No longer will envelopes [...]

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