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Emmanuel DelCour Admits to His Porn Star Past on Chef Academy [video]

After Bravo shamelessly promoted Emmanuel DelCour's porn star past on Chef Academy, the moment of the big reveal last night was not nearly as saucy as it had been teased to be. In fact, things turned a little creepy when Kyle Kupiszewski, the submarine chef, clinks his drink and cheers, "To a possible gang bang."

Bravo Shamelessly Capitalizing on Chef Academy Contestant's Porn Star Past [Emmanuel DelCour aka Jean Val Jean]

By now you know that Emmanuel DelCour, one of the contestants on Bravo's Chef Academy with Jean-Christophe Novelli, is also a somewhat famous adult film star who went by the name "Jean Val Jean" (yes, a Les Misérables reference). Santa Rosa, CA's Press Democrat asked: "Cheap casting stunt or another example of a reality show [...]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX: Hustler's Parody of Hell's Kitchen [yes, for real]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX is a porn parody by Hustler based on the Gordon Ramsay cooking show (check out the the box art: The NSFW front and NSFW back even quote Gordon Ramsay's line "Oh f*ck me"). It's a recent entry in Hustler's "This Ain't" series, which has previously smuttified Happy Days, Star Trek, [...]

The Infamous Sausage Scene from Fäbodjäntan: NSFW Swedish Gastro-Porn [video]

The inaugural issue of Swallow Magazine (reviewed here) tipped us off to the existence of the renown Swedish adult film from 1978, Fäbodjäntan, where a group of friends on vacation in the countryside discover a magical Viking horn that, when blown, whips people within earshot into a sexual frenzy. The scene in question is of [...]

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