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Garden Organic Prints

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London's Keep Calm Gallery has issued three limited edition prints to benefit Garden Organic, the British national charity for organic growing. Designed by London illustrator Matthew Green, Birmingham artist Lucy Mcluachlan, and gallery founders Hayley & Lucas, the prints evoke and promote growing one's own vegetables with subliminal lettering and pregnant thoughts. Priced between [...]

'Oddities Food' Poster by Andy Callahan

The Oddities - Food poster by UK-based graphic designer Andy Callahan reimagines food by covering sausages in sprinkles, making beans blueberry-colored and mashed potatoes hot pink or Smurf-blue.
He writes: "For this specific poster I tried to explore the relation between certain foods and their colour and texture, and how altering them can change the way [...]

Wilco Posters: Ketchup, Wonderbread

Concert posters for Wilco. Left: Ketchup bottle by the design studio The Heads of State. Right: Wonderbread by Rich DeSimone (available for $30).

Orangina Posters by Bernard Villemot

Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1953. Right: 1964. Images via
Commonly referred to as one of the best French artists of the past 50 years, Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) is most recognized for his (now) vintage print advertisements for the likes of the Red Cross, Air France, Bally's shoes, Perrier, and Orangina, the French carbonated citrus [...]

So Damn Sweet

I'm calling it: President-elect Barack Obama. [via]

Vienna Beef Posters

The Vienna Beef Store has got some impressive posters of gigantic hot dogs. [via]

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