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BEEF!: A German Food Magazine Aimed at Men

BEEF! is a new German food magazine aimed at men. (Don't confuse it with the American magazine Sheep!.) We'll let them describe themselves:
BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes –as well as Tokyo's tuna market, the sharpness of knives and the water pressure in their espresso machine. For men who find noodles [...]

Fire & Knives: Print, Resurgent

Fire & Knives. Photograph: Raphael Brion/Eat Me Daily
We recently received issue number one of Fire & Knives, a new print quarterly of "new writing about food" out of the UK. In their own words: "We give established writers a place for work that would not be published elsewhere; new writers a place to show [...]

Colbert: The Future of Print Media Is Hamburgers

Forget paper! And forget iPhones or Kindles or iTablets or whatever: Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert proposed a new format that'll save printed media: fried food, or more specifically, hamburgers:
On Monday the SF Chronicle became the first general interest news daily to print on high-quality glossy paper... But I am wagging my [...]

Food + Sex Magazine Debuts

Food + Sex is a new magazine with claims to be "The New Aesthetic of Food" featuring articles about human-incubated yogurt and about eating psychedelic mushrooms ( "Tripping Balls on the Magic Penis"). Heavy on art, light on copy, you can check out a preview of issue zero. Here's their description:
Collage art food magazine, Food [...]

Saveur: The Only Major Food Magazine With a Blog?

In an interview with Fishbowl NY, Saveur publisher Merri Lee Kingsly revealed part of Saveur's secret to success — while all other magazines are crashing and burning, the high-end food title is seeing a retardedly great 22% ad page growth. And piggybacking on their success, Saveur's expansion plans for the summer include a website revamp:
We're [...]

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