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The Future of Print: The Rival Predictions of Ruth Reichl and Regina Schrambling

As the world of the printed page shifts around us, two warring camps have sprung up: those direly predicting the end of print, and those who think it'll pull through, cockroach-like, in spite of it all. When it comes to food, we're taking it upon ourselves to anoint figureheads. In a an interview Sunday with [...]

Amazon's Most Delicious Magazine Cover Contest 2009

Back in June the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) announced a competition to determine the top magazine covers, and out of 38 entries submitted, here are the six finalists in the "Most Delicious Cover" category as chosen by a panel of judges.
And now it's up to you, America: head on over to Amazon [...]

Gourmet and Bon App's Ad Page Meltdown

Condé Nast released its official projections for its September ad sales, and it's not pretty. It's bad. If we're reading the chart after the jump correctly, then year-over-year from Sep 08 to Sep 09, Bon Appetit's ad pages are down 40% (from 74 to 44) and Gourmet's ad pages are down 51.9% (from 85 to [...]

Yummy Magazine, Issue #3

Not to be confused with the Philippines' best-selling food magazine of the same name, the limited edition Parisian design annual Yummy celebrated the release of its third issue this week. Served up fresh if never on time, Yummy debuted in July 2005 first in praise of junk food, and then fast food eighteen months later. [...]

Conde Nast's Food Magazines in Trouble

Ad pages in 2008 were down at Bon Appetit and Gourmet, -16.5%, and -23.4%, respectively.
The future of food in print does look bleak, but let's hope that these old warhorses stick around — food journalism needs a healthy ecosystem, and glossy magazines are a big part of it.

Swallow Magazine, a New Food Magazine [print not dead yet]

Available at your fancier newsstands, Swallow Magazine is a new biannual food publication. The inaugural issue tackles the Nordic countries, with each subsequent issue destined to cover a different region or country. The website doesn't have any information, but from the magazine's introduction:
"This is Swallow Magazine, an experiment in how far a food magazine [...]

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