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Saturday Night Live Sells Out to Pepsi [videos]

Saturday Night Live reworked their MacGruber skits into three 30-second Pepsi ads, and aired them during the commercial breaks of SNL — one of them was even aired during the Super Bowl. They went as far as changing his name to "Pepsuber." Hell, they even brought Richard Dean Anderson —MacGyver himself— on for the ride. [...]

Product Placement in Chopped [scandal]

Ted Allen, when he got all defensive and claimed that Chopped wasn't a rip-off of Top Chef, wrote on his blog:
There also is a culinary straightforwardness about [Chopped] that I find really satisfying, and particularly appropriate for a company called Food Network... Best of all, there is no product placement.
Admittedly, this was the only instance [...]

Product Placement in 10 Items or Less [video]

Last week's episode of the brilliantly-improvised and super-funny 10 Items or Less featured some very smartly-done product placement.

Top Chef Product Placement Continues, Unabated

Expect to get beaten over the head even more: beyond the Glad bags, Ad Age reveals the new brands that are going to be "integrated" into Top Chef: Campbell Soup Co., Diet Dr Pepper and Quaker. In addition, we find out that there's a "strict policy on not repeating any of the show's quick-fire or [...]

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