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Spread Heads: Disgustingly Awesome Condiment Caps

The eight year old in us is torn between disgust and delight after finding out about Spread Heads Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin. These bottle tops are made in a universal size that will fit most standard squeezable condiment bottles, and they're cheap enough at four dollars a pop.
Check out the video, even the [...]

Cheez-It Flavored Lip Balm [product review]

Eat Me Daily reader Emily L. writes in with the following tale of flavor branding gone awry. Have you found a horrible product that should not exist? Do let us know, and be sure to include photos.
I was at the mall a few days ago and in the clearance bin at an accessories store I [...]

Saltine Necklace from Emily Elizabeth

People are hungry and broke. It's the New Depression and frivolity is out. But that didn't stop me from buying this necklace that solves neither of these problems. At just $24, The Golden Saltine Necklace in brass is honestly so rich in character, it’s easy to justify loosening the purse strings. The piece has the [...]

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