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Anti-Foie Gras Protesters Threaten Chris Cosentino

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It was bound to happen at some point: the anit-foie gras protesters have now threatened Chris Cosentino. After getting a video and a letter in the mail from unknown activists, Cosentino received a phone call, demanding he stop serving foie gras. Of course Cosentino refused, and the response from the activists? "We are [...]

Online Rumors Lead Anti-Israeli Protestors to 'Smash and Loot' Starbucks Stores in London

Protesters broke away from an anti-Israel rally and "smashed and looted" two Starbucks locations in London on Saturday because of rumors on the internet claiming that Starbucks donates funds to Israel. The Telegraph UK reports:
Riot police surrounded up to 240 demonstrators in central London, many wearing scarves covering their faces, who broke away from a [...]

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