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Food Books Dominate Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2009

Forget about the body being cold — 2009 isn't even dead, and Publisher's Weekly is already calling the best books of the year. Notable, though, is PW's top pick for nonfiction, Frank Bruni's memoir Born Round, which they call "wonderfully honest." Farther down the Top 10 Nonfiction is the Ferran Adri├á investigation Food for Thought, [...]

Big Deals: Sandra Beasly to Write About Being Allergic to Everything

Sandra Beasly, an editor for The American Scholar and a contributor to the Washington Post, who has "a large range of life-threatening allergies to things such as milk, eggs, soy, etc." has landed a book deal, reports Publisher's Weekly. Says PW:
Crown executive editor Heather Jackson preempted world rights to Sandra Beasley's Don't Kill the Birthday [...]

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