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Jamie's America New York City Episode Shows Scary Inner Workings of a Queens Slaughterhouse [video]

The latest episode of Jamie's America had Jamie Oliver in New York City — specifically, Queens. Over the course of his visit, he checks out the Kabab Cafe in Astoria, eats at an illegal Peruvian restaurant run out of an apartment in Jackson Heights, spends time with a saintly man who feeds homeless illegal immigrants, [...]

Rocking Out at the Trader Joe's Meat Aisle

The fine folks at Trader Joe's in Queens at some point put up a display inspired by the music video game Guitar Hero to promote their meat section. The best part? The little bit of tongue the cow has sticking out as he gets his funk on. [via Kotaku]

Defining Ethnicity With Food

In the New York Times' City section this weekend, Swaranjit Singh, a 55-year-old real estate broker and Bellerose resident who's running for City Council, defined ethnicity by the food people eat. The Times writes:
If he could unite voters of South Asian ancestry, or, as he referred to them, “roti-eating people,” and get them to turn [...]

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