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"Asian Flair" and Mainstream Food Media

Photograph: dugspr
In an essay for The Bygone Bureau, Darryll Campbell discusses an unsettling trend in middlebrow cooking: "Asian Flair." Used to describe ingredients from a multitude of Asian countries and cultures, "Asian flair" has been used by Rachael Ray, Zagat's and even Coolio to describe that certain something that takes a dish from boring to [...]

Rachael Ray Nude Painting by Alex Gardega on eBay

"Birth of Rachael Ray," Alex Gardega.
Up for auction on eBay is the "nude classical portrait" painting entitled "Birth of Rachael Ray" by the New York City-based artist Alex Gardega who says, "There is no Irony here, No snarky modernism." Bidding ends December 25, 2009. Or you can own the painting with the buy-it-now [...]

Martha Stewart Apologizes to Rachael Ray, Reiterates There Is No Feud [video]

Following last week's uncomfortable visit by Rachael Ray on her show and then a pretty harsh condemnation of her on Nightline, today Martha Stewart felt the need to clear the air and reiterate that there is, in fact, no feud between Rachael Ray and her. Right at the opening of today's Martha Stewart Show, Martha [...]

Martha Stewart Criticizes Rachael Ray; Rachael Ray Agrees

In her first television interview since serving five months in prison in 2004, Martha Stewart spoke to Nightline (the interview is set to air Thursday, but the story is already online). As a followup to their uncomfortable encounter on her show, Martha criticizes Rachael Ray's recent cookbook release Book of Ten and calls her [...]

Rachael Ray on The Martha Stewart Show Makes for Some Uncomfortable Television [video]

Last Friday Rachael Ray visited The Martha Stewart Show, following Martha Stewart's appearance on The Rachael Ray Show the previous day. The setup: Martha showing Rachael Ray how to make a pie. And it was all rather awkward! Even though Martha dismissed any animosity or feud, she had a hard time being nice, coming off [...]

Newsweek Profiles Sandra Lee, Calls Her "The Anti-Julia"

Newsweek, keyed into the Julia Child buzz, runs a pretty astounding profile of Sandra Lee, calling her "The Anti-Julia."
"She was a pioneer with the first television cooking show and I'm honored that people are saying I am a 'daughter' of Julia's," Lee says, taking it as a form of endorsement, when it really was meant [...]

Cook's Illustrated Rates Rachael Ray's Cookware Set as 'Not Recommended'

The latest Cook's Illustrated tested cookware sets (reg. required), and they gave the Rachael Ray 10-Piece Stainless Cookware Set (don't buy at Amazon) a big ol' thumbs down — the set is the only one in their "Not Recommended" category.
In what can only be a case of form-over-function, the review calls the dorky-looking, bubbly [...]

Setting Rachael Ray on Fire [video]

This promo for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where he accidentally sets Rachael Ray on fire, is pretty funny, functioning as a sort of dark wish fulfillment for a lot of people: to watch her burn. We don't hate on Rachael Ray (that'd be too easy), and we certainly don't support setting anyone intentionally on [...]

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