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Interview with Artists Timothy John Berg and Rebekah Myers

Enjoy It... While It Lasts, Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
Remember those giant ice cream sandwiches that we wrote about earlier this week? Yes, you definitely do. We got such an awesome response to that post that we've decided to reward you with an interview with the artists, Timothy John Berg and Rebekah Myers.
Your work deals [...]

Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches at Dean Project, Long Island City, New York [food art]

"Eat your heart out", closeup, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers
Currently on display at the Dean Project in Long Island City is All Good Things…, the first New York solo exhibition and collaborative project by Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers.

“Between a rock”, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers
The exhibition is composed of four separate parts inhabiting the [...]

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