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The Future of Print: The Rival Predictions of Ruth Reichl and Regina Schrambling

As the world of the printed page shifts around us, two warring camps have sprung up: those direly predicting the end of print, and those who think it'll pull through, cockroach-like, in spite of it all. When it comes to food, we're taking it upon ourselves to anoint figureheads. In a an interview Sunday with [...]

Schrambling on Kids Cooking

Our Lady of the Grouch, Regina Schrambling, has had it with you kids who cook. You are not adorable, you are going to die in the kitchen, you are bad at math, and you probably can't even taste salt yet.
Schrambling takes on the suddenly prevalent world of child-helmed food media, calling it "the celebration of [...]

Schrambling, Decoded

Regina Schrambling files a post on the South Beach Wine And Food Festival. We try to help decode by adding relevant links:
Times must not be as tight as all the headlines are hollering... Apparently there was some kind of circle jerk going on down in Miami, where all manner of reincarnations of Marie Antoinette were [...]

Regina Schrambling, Interviewed

Regina Schrambling's always entertaining (if sometimes maddeningly cryptic) insider looks at the food world, delivered via her blog Gastropoda and its little sister Gastriques, read like a breath of snickering fresh air in the culinary blogosphere. Never one to shy from a juicy scandal, Schrambling's blogs have become something of a food world Page Six, [...]

Regina Schrambling on Obama's Decision to Keep Cristeta Comerford as White House Chef

Cristeta Comerford, the current and future White House Chef
President-elect Barack Obama decided not to replace Cristeta Comerford, the current White House Chef, disregarding the (loud and persistent) advice of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters, and Danny Meyer. Regina Schrambling suggests that there might have more to it:
I’m not so encouraged to read that the agent of [...]

Regina Schrambling on Thanksgiving

Doesn't sound like she likes it:
One of the many stories I have never been able to sell is “why Thanksgiving is a food writer’s most-hated holiday.” As I am probably repeating myself to say, never does so much effort go into reinventing a wheel that rolls itself. We rewrite the Kama Sutra every goddamn year, [...]

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