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Momofuku Ko Charges $150/Person Cancellation Fee, 'David Chang has lost his mind'

A tipster writes in to us with a harrowing tale of attempting to get a reservation at the famously impenetrable restaurant Momofuku Ko:
My strategy for getting in to Ko is to check out the reservation website at random, non-10AM times, with the idea that I'll catch a canceled resy before anyone else. It's not the [...]

Restaurant Reservation Credit Card Scams Proliferating

Is this the logical successor to restaurant text message spam? As if being constantly assaulted by deposed Nigerian royalty isn't enough, San Francisco is seeing a rash of restaurant reservation scams:
"A Scottish offshore engineering company wants to book three consecutive nights for a party of 15. Great -- things progress normally -- deciding on how [...]

Rejection Email from El Bulli

Surprise: I got rejected trying to secure a reservation at El Bulli, the restaurant that only takes 2,000 reservations a year. I figured it wouldn't hurt to email back, explaining why I really wanted to go, maybe hoping for a cancellation, and again, I got rejected. In poor form, they don't have any English writers [...]

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