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Culinary Offerings on the Oasis of the Seas, the World's Largest Cruise Ship [there will be cupcakes]

The just-built cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's $1.5 billion, 1,200-foot-long, 16-deck-high, 225,000-ton flagship, is on its way from its Finland birthplace to Florida, where it will now make its home. 50 percent bigger than the next-largest cruise ship, it holds 6,296 passengers, including 2,165 crew. And there's nothing subtle about it.
But forget [...]

CityCenter, the $11 Billion Las Vegas 'Urban Metropolis,' to Feature Celeb Chefs, Evil

Photograph by City Center Las Vegas
The end is nigh, and as we could have guessed, it's going on in Las Vegas. CityCenter, pretty much the craziest development of high-rises ever built this side of Dubai, with claims to be "one of the great urban places of the world," will open in December. A reminder of [...]

Fine Dining in Crisis: The Ulterior Epicure Codifies the Tasting Menu Formula

In his latest post, The Ulterior Epicure geniusly codifies the progression of tasting menus, course-by-course, at the different fine dining levels (basic, above-average, elite).
Breaking down the cliches even further — the "freakishly Asian with miso this or yuba that," black truffles, "Something White, Pureed and Topped with Caviar," table-side entertainment, or single-origin chocolates — the [...]

Slope's Bistro Restaurant Grill & Bar

Strolling along 6th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we came across a restaurant close to opening called "Slope's Bistro Restaurant Grill & Bar." First off: These people need some friggin commas. Secondly: Trying to be everything for everybody is never a good idea. What, no bahn mi? How about some BBQ? Why not some shabu [...]

Marco Pierre White: Restaurant Deals Attract the 'Wrong Type of Client'

Marco Pierre White believes that restaurateurs who turn to deals and special offers potentially do more harm than good. The Telegraph UK relays this quote:
It's a weakness. You are attracting the wrong type of client. People come to your restaurant because they are going to save three quid, not because of your food. You have [...]

Disguising a Restaurant's Health Department Rating

New York City restaurants will be required to publicly post health inspectors’ cleanliness ratings, using signs supplied by the city. How long until a restaurant pulls this stunt? [via]

Momofuku Ko Charges $150/Person Cancellation Fee, 'David Chang has lost his mind'

A tipster writes in to us with a harrowing tale of attempting to get a reservation at the famously impenetrable restaurant Momofuku Ko:
My strategy for getting in to Ko is to check out the reservation website at random, non-10AM times, with the idea that I'll catch a canceled resy before anyone else. It's not the [...]

Hospitalis: The Restaurant Designed to Look Like a Hospital

Hospitalis ("Hospital") is a restaurant in Riga, Latvia, that is designed to look like — you guessed it! — a hospital. It also has an astonishing description/mission statement, with which Google Translate is only marginally helpful.
The two doctors. One of the oldest in Tbilisi cognac-making. 30 old cognac. The desire to eat tasty, pasmaidīt about [...]

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