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The Best Cookbooks of 2009 Roundup Spectacular

2009 has really been the year of the home cook. While last year's crop of cookbooks was dominated by technical, aspirational, fantastical documents like Alinea, A Day at El Bulli, and Under Pressure, the front runners this year are all about doability — take Ad Hoc home, take Momofuku home, make your own bacon, can [...]

Houston Critic Robb Walsh Drops Anonymity; Does Not Care

Robb Walsh, restaurant critic for the Houston Press, is dropping his anonymity, claiming that "ethical guidelines shifted in August when Sam Sifton took over as the restaurant critic for the New York Times." We hate to say it, but Restaurant Girl — for once in her life — might have been on to something. Age [...]

Heroes in a Half Shell: Sex, Death & Oysters by Robb Walsh [book review]

It's tempting to try to put Robb Walsh's Sex, Death & Oysters (buy on Amazon) in the same category as other single-topic culinary books, like Anne Mendelson's Milk, or Jennifer McLagan's Fat. There are certainly similarities: a history of the ingredient and its cultivation, a smattering of recipes both traditional and innovative, and a generally [...]

Robb Walsh on Genre-Defying Hot Dogs

He visits Janak Country Market in Hallettsville, Texas:
Janak’s jumbo hot dog is just too good to call a hot dog. It reminds me of that Dave Hickey quote: “Rock n’ roll is like Tex-Mex. As it improves in quality, it ceases to be what it is.” I think you can substitute hot dogs for rock [...]

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