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Döner Kebab Meat-Cutting Robot [video]

If you've spent any time in Germany (or much of central Europe), you're familiar with the ubiquitous Turkish döner kebab stand, with its signature column of meat eternally spinning in front of a vertical grill. This past weekend, at Berlin's first ever conference celebrating the street snack, Ahmet Kalyoncu unveiled his döner kebab slicing robot, [...]

Robovie: The Grocery Shopping Robot Assistant [video]

Robovie is a robot shopping assistant currently being testing in Japan. At home, shoppers build a shopping list on a mobile device, and once at the grocery store, the robot detects the mobile device and follows them around with a shopping basket, reminding them what's on their list and even making suggestions along the way. [...]

Sushi-Making Machines Make the Perfect Gift

Is there someone on your holiday gift list who's notoriously hard to shop for? Perhaps s/he might enjoy these Japanese sushi-making machines, which are from the future! Created by the Tokyo-based corporation AUTEC, the machines are marketed towards high-volume outlets such as college cafeterias, but for a mere $10,000 to $20,000, how can you deny [...]

Adult Mario: The Super Mario Bros. Emulator That Mixes Drinks Based on In-Game Performance

Alcohol, 8-bit Mario, and vibrators? Adult Mario is a cocktail robotics project for Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna by Nonpolynomial Labs that uses an emulated Super Mario Bros. NES game hooked up to a drink pouring mechanism. Kill an enemy, vodka pours in your cup. Get a coin, and coke gets poured. Whenever you die, the [...]

Gordon Ramsay as the Terminator in Radio Times Magazine

In an interview with the Radio Times, Gordon Ramsay said that he took Simon Cowell's advice and had the lines of his chin filled in, but what stood out in this story about it in the Daily Mail was the cover of Radio Times, featuring Ramsay made up to look like a Terminator cyborg who's [...]

RoboBees! Harvard to Create Robotic Bees

Photographs via
The National Science Foundation has awarded $10 million to Harvard researchers to create a coordinated colony of robotic bees, a project they're calling Robobees. While they won't be stinging anyone or making honey just yet, the aim of the project is to research and develop technology for "body, brain, and colony." Meaning miniature [...]

Snackbot in Action

Here's a video of Snackbot, the mobile autonomous robot from Carnegie Mellon University, whose sole mission is to bring people snacks. It's a research platform for human-robot interaction and behavioral science. Super-friendly, it's got big plans: "I've always dreamed of delivering snacks to everyone," Snackbot says.

Super-Fast Pancake-Sorting Flexpicker Robots [video]

Humans used to stack the pancakes by hand, but in a bid to reduce labor costs, HoneyTop Pancakes switched to a robot solution from ABB Robotics. In their machine, pancakes on a conveyor belt are fed into an enclosure where the insect-like Flexpicker robots grab and stack the pancakes at a truly astonishing speed, at [...]

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