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The Future of Print: The Rival Predictions of Ruth Reichl and Regina Schrambling

As the world of the printed page shifts around us, two warring camps have sprung up: those direly predicting the end of print, and those who think it'll pull through, cockroach-like, in spite of it all. When it comes to food, we're taking it upon ourselves to anoint figureheads. In a an interview Sunday with [...]

Lamb Neck: The Hottest Cut Of Meat This Week

In an uncanny synchronicity, both Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth and Avec Eric featured lamb neck as a star protein. The new hotness! In the premiere of Adventures with Ruth, Ruth Reichl and Frances McDormand visited Blackberry Farms, and they made barbecued lamb neck (quibble: the online recipe omits the grilling step, simply calling it "Ten-Hour [...]

Conde Nast Shutting Down Gourmet Magazine

This is far, far worse than even we dared to predict. As the New York Times' Diners Journal blog reports, Gourmet magazine "will cease publication after the publication of its November issue."
After an epic ad page meltdown there had been rumors of budget cuts and frequency reductions, but this is such an extreme and unexpected [...]

Ruth Reichl Laughs as Rome Condé Nast Burns

Here's a funny yet bizarre video of Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, famous in her day for reviewing restaurants in disguise, that imagines her returning to her critical roots with disguises of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rourke, and Gene Simmons.
A little context, please: In the past year, Condé Nast has gone through rounds and [...]

Food Olds Discover This Is Why You're Fat

Mark Bittman finally discovered This Is Why You're Fat, twittering: "Has everyone but me seen 'this is why you're fat?'"
And because of Bittman, Ruth Reichl saw it for the first time, too! She replies: "@bittman I was much happier NOT having seen that. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly gross."
On to Emily Nunn, twittering: [...]

Regina Schrambling on Obama's Decision to Keep Cristeta Comerford as White House Chef

Cristeta Comerford, the current and future White House Chef
President-elect Barack Obama decided not to replace Cristeta Comerford, the current White House Chef, disregarding the (loud and persistent) advice of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters, and Danny Meyer. Regina Schrambling suggests that there might have more to it:
I’m not so encouraged to read that the agent of [...]

Walter Scheib: Next White House Chef Will Be Chosen Without a 'Culinary Agenda'

Last week in a letter to the New York Times' dining section, Walter Scheib defended the culinary practices of the White House saying that "The presumptions of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, that the admirable agenda they espouse is not currently the practice in the White House kitchens, are false."
Today he made an [...]

Walter Scheib Defends the Local and Organic Cuisine of the White House

The endlessly self-promoting, ex-White House Chef Walter Scheib has a bone to pick with Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, and darn it, he's going to write a stern letter to the New York Times.
In a Times article published December 23, 2008, "Is a New Food Policy on Obama’s List?" (link), Reichl was paraphrased [...]

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