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Sandra Lee's Nintendo Wii Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]

In this commercial with Sandra Lee shilling for the Nintendo Wii, she says: "The party's in the living room, so I've got my easy-to-make spicy fries and yummy caramel corn for a hungry crew ready for some fun. We love Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort games. Fun to play and fun to watch."
And we just [...]

Angelina Jolie Used Sandra Lee's Recipe for 'No Bake Birthday Cake'

Sandra Lee told People that Angelina Jolie used her recipe for "No Bake Birthday Cake" which involves a store-bought sheet cake, topped with a plain round cake, and then surrounded by pre-made cupcakes and cookies. Said Sandra Lee: "She's a Semi-Homemade mommy just like the rest of us!" Old news, you say! It's from Friday, [...]

Sandra Lee Has Had it With All You Haters

In a video interview with Walletpop promoting her upcoming appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Sandra Lee bizarrely goes out against store or generic brands, dispenses advice on chopped garlic, blah blah. And then, right at the end, she interrupts the interviewer and drops the hammer on all you haters out there, trying to make [...]

Sandra Lee: Bourdain 'Needs to Have a Cocktail and Lighten Up'

Following their encounter last week that Bourdain described as having left him "paralyzed" after being "sideswiped by pure evil," it looks like Sandra Lee is on a mission to break Anthony Bourdain with kindness.
She told OK Magazine she'd like to have Anthony Bourdain over for dinner: “He needs to have a cocktail and lighten up... [...]

Newsweek Profiles Sandra Lee, Calls Her "The Anti-Julia"

Newsweek, keyed into the Julia Child buzz, runs a pretty astounding profile of Sandra Lee, calling her "The Anti-Julia."
"She was a pioneer with the first television cooking show and I'm honored that people are saying I am a 'daughter' of Julia's," Lee says, taking it as a form of endorsement, when it really was meant [...]

Anthony Bourdain Meets Sandra Lee, Is 'Sideswiped By Pure Evil'

At the premiere of Julie & Julia, Anthony Bourdain is drinking martinis, minding his own business, and feels a hand on his arm. He writes on his Travel Channel blog: "I turn and find myself looking straight into the deceptively attractive and reasonable looking face of Sandra Lee." How did the encounter go? "I'm pretty [...]

Sandra Lee Is a Friend of the Gays

In the latest issue of Out Magazine, Joshua David Stein profiles Sandra Lee: "It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from -- a beleaguered housewife in Shaker Heights, Ohio, or a closeted gay in San Diego -- Sandra Lee loves you." We find out that Sandra Lee is a friend of the gays [...]

The LA Times Approves of Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien's Crimes Against Food

Left: H-o-t hot boneless buffalo wings using Fat-free Pringles and Fiber One bran cereal as crust. Right: Bacon-bundled BBQ shrimp using extra-lean turkey bacon. Photographs via
What the hell, LA Times? We thought we were all supposed to grow gardens and buy local and seasonal and everything. Why are you giving Hungry Girl aka Lisa [...]

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