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Sandra Lee Seizure-Inducing Glitch Video

User Kuranuk on YouTube posted this genius compilation of clips of Sandra Lee, capturing her odd verbal tics and exposing her uniquely sexually suggestive and drunkard ways:
"So what I wanna do is lay down on the counter... You're gonna need to roll your sleeves up, and this is the fun part. You're gonna have to [...]

Sandra Lee's Money Saving Meals [tv review]

Sandra Lee's new show Sandra's Money Saving Meals premiered yesterday, and we're (gulp) cautiously impressed. The premise is "delicious and money-saving," and to get there she's promoting seasonal and fresh. Gone are the sauce packets, frozen food, and pre-cut vegetables — that stuff is expensive! Turns out, it's cheaper to chop your own damn onions. [...]

Sandra Lee's White Chocolate Polenta [wtf video]

All last week, in honor of Valentine's Day, Food Network aired show after show featuring chocolate recipes. Leave it to Sandra Lee to come up with an unfortunate (and lumpy-looking) concoction, a white chocolate polenta. (If you need it, here's the recipe).
We hate to take digs at Sandra Lee (she's too easy of a punching [...]

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Blurs Advertising and Editorial

Say what you will about Sandra Lee and her kitchen philosophy of "70 percent store-bought, ready made plus 30 percent fresh allows you take 100 percent of the credit." Her food is generally atrocious, but who cares? She's too easy of a punching bag.
But her magazine — that's another story. The first issue of [...]

Sandra Lee Goes To Washington, DC?

Store-bought cookies for everyone!
We didn't think anything could snap us out of our post-inauguration high, but then we heard the terrible news: Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of contention for the open position of New York senator.
Why does this matter? Because with Kennedy out of the running, the most likely candidate appears to be New [...]

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Coming February [print not dead yet]

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate Sandra Lee, now comes word that she's fiddling while Rome burns.
The Post delivers an interesting compare-contrast. One one hand, there are the reported layoffs of 600 employees from Time, Inc., whose rate base declines and general media malaise means entire magazines are folding. On the [...]

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