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Auction for Dinner With Sarah Palin Starts at $25,000

Bidding for "Private Dinner for Five with Sarah Palin" on eBay starts at $25,000. It's for the Ride 2 Recovery charity. Understandably, there's a background check. But please to note some of the absurd conditions: if you do indeed win the auction, you pay for dinner, and Palin can bring up to three guests of [...]

Sarah Palin's Secret to Chili

In an interview with Esquire, Sarah Palin shares her culinary secrets:
The secret to chili is you gotta have good mooseburger in there. I don't know if you can get moose commercially in New York. You'd have to come up here and visit me in my home, and I'll prepare it for ya.

Sarah Palin Ignores Turkey Slaughter Behind Her During Interview [video]

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey at a processing plant. Afterwards, Palin took part in an interview, while a turkey butcher slaughtered turkeys in the background. According the MSNBC, the photographer asked Palin if she wanted such a gruesome scene as a backdrop, and she replied, "No worries."
Gotta love MSNBC's captions: "Turkey Killing [...]

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