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Love Letter: Delicious Dish [Saturday Night Live]

As anyone who uses the internet probably knows by now, Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. It was an awesome show, not only because of White and her still-impeccable comedic timing (the woman, as we were reminded about 17 times throughout the show, is 88 1/2 years old), but also because of the [...]

Weekend Update on Girl Scout Cookies [videos]

During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, writer John Mulaney made the case for Girl Scout Cookies being sold year-round. "It would be like if they only sold Coca Cola in July and you could only buy it from the Knights of Columbus... You are much more than a once a year type of thing. You [...]

Please Explain the 'Potato Chip' Skit from Saturday Night Live

We've watched this a few times now, and we can't make sense of this "Potato Chip" skit from this weekend's Saturday Night Live. Jason Sudeikis playing a Colonel Sanders-type? Applying to be an astronaut so he could "dance around the moon in a puffy suit" and drink Tang? Was it just so he and Will [...]

Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song from Saturday Night Live

A classic! From 1992! With outdated references to Darryl Strawberry and Mike Tyson! Quote:
Love to eat turkey cause it's good, love to eat the turkey like a good boy should...
Turkey for me, turkey for you, let's eat turkey in a big brown shoe...
Turkey turkey dee, turkey turkey dap, I eat that turkey and take a [...]

'A Lady's Guide to Throwing a Party' from Saturday Night Live

Last night's Saturday Night Live was pretty much a dud, but the 1960s-style advice filmstrip "A Lady's Guide to Throwing a Party" parody with January Jones was funny, reminding us of vintage (and long-forgotten) party foods like a shrimp salad stuffed-pineapple and a beef and marshmallow aspic:

Guy Fieri Parody on Saturday Night Live: 'Cooking Al Fresco' [video]

Bobby Moynihan's parody of Guy Fieri in which he mugs and shouts at the camera was the highlight of last night's Saturday Night Live. In the “Cooking Al Fresco” segment, birds dive-bomb the TV chefs for bread and dip it in marinara sauce ("they're foodies!" Andy Samberg yells). Ultimately the birds turn on Guy Fieri, [...]

Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal Straws [review]

During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, Seth Meyers called Kellogg's out for saying that Michael Phelps' marijuana use wasn't "consistent" with their image — some of Kellogg's products could only be the product of a stoner's dream (see video below):
You know everyone of your mascots is a wild-eyed cartoon character with uncontrollable munchies... I checked [...]

Saturday Night Live: I'm on a Boat Digital Short (uncensored) [video, SNL]

Last night, Saturday Night Live aired the latest digital short by the Lonely Island, "I'm on a Boat," where Andy Samberg finds a prize in a cereal box for a free boat ride for three. Logically, he takes Akiva Schaffer and T-Pain. And they cook hamburgers: "I got my swim trunks / and my flippy-floppies [...]

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