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Saturday Night Live Sells Out to Pepsi [videos]

Saturday Night Live reworked their MacGruber skits into three 30-second Pepsi ads, and aired them during the commercial breaks of SNL — one of them was even aired during the Super Bowl. They went as far as changing his name to "Pepsuber." Hell, they even brought Richard Dean Anderson —MacGyver himself— on for the ride. [...]

Chewable Pampers Commercial from Saturday Night Live [SNL, video]

Yay, SNL is treading in scat-humor. Last night's Saturday Night Live featured a commercial for Chewable Pampers: "All the convenience of a disposable diaper in an eco-friendly package." The edible diapers are available in different flavors: tangy cheddar, spicy lentil, and corn chowder. They're 100% edible and have anti-bacterial flavor crystals. "All great taste and [...]

Saturday Night Live's Whopper Virgins Parody [video, SNL]

Last night's Saturday Night Live, with Neil Patrick Harris, featured a parody of the Burger King Whopper Virgins, where everything just went wrong. Just like in the commercial, they ask: "What happens when you take Eastern European farmers, who have never eaten a burger, and ask them to compare a Whopper vs a Big Mac, [...]

Saturday Night Live: Cookies Digital Short [video]

In this Digital Short from Saturday Night Live with host Hugh Laurie, even though there's some bad news at the meeting, Fred Armisen's character can't get enough of the cookies:
"Don't tell my trainer, he's gonna kill me... a little cookie secret."
"But someone should arrest this cookie company — for cookie-cide."
"I wish I could stop, we [...]

'Jizz in My Pants' from Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake, Jamie-Lynn Sigler [video, SNL]

"Jizz in My Pants" is the latest Digital Short from Saturday Night Live produced by The Lonely Island. Featuring Justin Timberlake and Jamie-Lynn Sigler as grocery store employees, the video can't help but remind of us of the semen cookbook, Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes.

The Whipped Butter [video]

From Saturday Night Live: a commercial for the instructional DVD Grady's Wilson's Put the Fire Back in Your Marriage Techniques.

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm's John Ham [video]

From last week's Saturday Night Live: "Unlike other bathroom ham dispensers, Jon Hamm's John Ham has only the finest, Boar's Head oven-roasted ham."

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