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Turkey Totality: Thanksgiving Magazine Roundup Smackdown Spectacular

Photograph: Paula Forbes / Eat Me Daily
It's late October, which means the November issues of food magazines have hit the newsstands. It's a huge deal in American food media: Recipe testing begins in early summer and the competition to find new things to say about what is ultimately a very traditional meal is fierce (and [...]

Food Writing in Magazines Is Alive and Well

Devastated over the death of Gourmet? So are we, but we're not ones to sit around crying: there's still plenty of fantastic food writing and photography out there. Whether it's an entire magazine dedicated to food or an occasional feature in a general interest title, once we put together this list, it became clear that [...]

Saveur Renames Its Blog from The Feed to The Daily Fare

When Saveur recently relaunched its website and named their new aggregator/blog The Feed, it was somewhat controversial because unfortunately, Time Out New York's food/restaurant blog was already called The Feed. Good news: Saveur has graciously changed the name to The Daily Fare, which is a nice name as it has a nice ring to it [...]

Saveur's Not-Blog Is, in Fact, a Blog

Back in June, Merri Lee Kingsley maintained that Saveur would not be launching a blog but instead a "content aggregator" as part of their redesign that went up today.
In the redesign announcement, Editor-in-Chief James Oseland does indeed call it a blog: "The Feed also keeps you up-to-date on the latest culinary discoveries, shared by regular [...]

Saveur's Merri Lee Kingsly Clarifies the Magazine's Not-Blog

A few days ago, we took Saveur's announcement of a website upgrade that included an "aggregator" as an indication that they were announcing a blog. The magazine's publisher, Merri Lee Kingsly, very patiently set us straight.
"We’re relaunching our Web site in August," she confirmed to us, but that thing we were very sillily referring to [...]

Saveur: The Only Major Food Magazine With a Blog?

In an interview with Fishbowl NY, Saveur publisher Merri Lee Kingsly revealed part of Saveur's secret to success — while all other magazines are crashing and burning, the high-end food title is seeing a retardedly great 22% ad page growth. And piggybacking on their success, Saveur's expansion plans for the summer include a website revamp:
We're [...]

Saveur's Texas Issue, ADHD Edition

Love it or hate it, there's something about Texan food. Not quite Southern, not quite Southwestern, and not quite Mexican, Texan cuisine is something else entirely. Saveur's June/July issue is largely comprised of a collection of pieces of varying length entitled "Twenty-Four Reasons Why We Love Texas."

In this "Texas issue," Saveur does a fairly good [...]

New York Media Takes On VVM For National Food Blog Domination

It looks like there's new and invigorated regional food blog competition brewing between New York Media and Village Voice Media. NYM staked their claim to a national food media empire with their 2008 acquisition of MenuPages and its associated blog network — if the job listings are to be believed, a network that will soon [...]

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