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Celery Makes Men Sexy [science!]

Here's some dubious medical news sure to make dudes smell even more annoying than Axe-executives could ever dream of: doctors have determined that eating celery increases a man's attractiveness to women. Apparently all a dude needs to do to get models all over him is to eat a few sticks of celery before going [...]

Japanese Breed Eels in Captivity

Photograph: jrmyst
And now, for your daily update on Japanese Food of the Future: scientists in Yokohama have successfully bred the second-ever generation of fully cultivated eels. Bred from eels that were themselves bred in captivity, this provides hope that future generations of eels will be able to be cultivated, and lessen the strain on natural [...]

Mad Scientists Develop Cheese Flavored Like Bubble Gum

Photograph: WorldWideWaCCo
This interview with Wisconsin cheese-maker Roger Krohn starts out innocently enough — there's some history of the plant, some discussion of the intricacies of making different types of cheeses — when, out of nowhere, Krohn tries to nonchalantly throw in a reference to bubble gum-flavored string cheese. Apparently being developed by the Center for [...]

Barbecue Trying to Kill You, The Planet

Photograph: absenthero
This is bound to whip somebody into a panic: Mother Nature Network is reporting that the smoke produced by cooking fatty foods may contain carcinogens. Scientists have done a study which shows that cooking food releases emissions, and the biggest offenders seem to be fatty foods cooked with high heat, such as fried chicken [...]

Fruit Kicking Cancer's Butt

Photograph by Jill Clardy
Scientists in Italy have developed a strain of tomato said to have enhanced cancer fighting properties. Combining the anti-inflammatory properties of the San Marzano tomato and the high antioxidant levels of the Black tomato, researchers hope the new strain will not only prevent cancer, but also Parkinson's disease and cardiovascular issues. It [...]

Scientists Discover Sixth Taste: Fat

Photograph by Plate of Wander
Australian scientists have recently discovered that humans can actually taste fat, and those who are more sensitive to its flavor tend to eat less of it, and have lower BMIs. This is different from the texture of fat in foods such as ice cream, which is associated with a richer mouth-feel. [...]

Tomatoes: Carnivorous, Murderous

British botanists have discovered that tomatoes can "eat" insects; that is, their furry stems grasp the legs of small bugs and then, once they've died and fallen to the ground, the plant soaks up their nutrients through its roots. The researchers, publishing their findings in the wonderfully-titled article "Murderous plants: Victorian Gothic, Darwin and modern [...]

Jon Stewart on Lab-Grown Meat

First equating it with the invention of fire or space travel, when Jon Stewart finds out where lab-grown meat actually comes from, he changes his mind a bit: "Yes, to be clear, the meat, while totally great, is not yet good enough for sausage. It is five years away from being anus-grade pork. God knows [...]

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