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Scientists Bioengineer Pork Meat in a Laboratory

Source image by Kent Wang.
Backed by a sausage manufacturer and the Dutch government, scientists in the Netherlands have successfully grown artificial pork meat in the laboratory for the first time, reports the Times Online. Using cells extracted from the muscles of a live pig, which were then incubated in a nutrient-rich solution, the cells were [...]

Julia Child Cooks Up a Batch of Primordial Soup [video]

Here's a charming video of Julia Child cooking up a batch of primordial soup that played in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's "Life in The Universe" gallery from 1976 until the gallery closed. By turning her kitchen into a "biochemical laboratory," she explains how simple ingredients produce amino acids, also known as the [...]

Tomatoes in Spaaaaace: The Tomatosphere Project

The fate of the earth hangs in the balance! Between global warming, pollution, and Mayan prophesies, it seems that we’ll all need to vacate the planet or get swallowed up by the second coming sooner than we thought. But don’t worry: The Canadians have a plan! It’s Tomatosphere to the rescue!
Tomatosphere is a research [...]

'Food and the Future of it' by Matt Brown [food art]

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.

"Egg printer," Matt Brown. Photo by permission.
In Matt Brown's "Food and the Future of it," his final project for his masters in Interaction Design at the Umea Institute of Design in Umea, Sweden, he envisions that the food from the year 2040 would be synthetic and programmatic, made using [...]

Transgenic Salmon Close to FDA Approval [science!]

Genetically-engineered Atlantic salmon from a company called Aqua Bounty Technologies are on the brink of getting U.S. FDA approval. The fish of the future have finally arrived! Canada's Globe and Mail reports:
Tweaked with genetic material from chinook salmon and an eel-like creature called an ocean pout, it reaches market size twice as fast as normal [...]

The Future of Food: Bioengineered Frankenfood

In the "I think I'll have a salad for lunch, thanks" section of Portfolio, there are two articles covering the creepy future of meat science. The first is basically a summation of what agricultural Prince of Darkness Monsanto and company is up to these days:
In January, the Food and Drug Administration paved the way for [...]

FDA Approves Drugs Made from Genetically Engineered Goats' Milk [science!]

The New York Times reports that the FDA has cleared for human consumption a drug produced by livestock that have been genetically modified with a human gene.
The drug, meant to prevent fatal blood clots in people with a rare condition, is a human protein extracted from the milk of genetically engineered goats.
At the [...]

Study Finds Women Are Better Tasters, Men Have More Adventurous Palates

Photograph by slopjop
M.F.K. Fisher, Ruth Reichl, Mimi Sheraton — their famous palates might have something to do with their ladyness. A massive Danish study on the eating habits of young people finds that girls, across the board, have a better sense of taste than boys:
One of the many findings shows that girls are generally better [...]

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