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Bacon Explosion Book Inexplicably to Be Devoid of Bacon Explosion

The upcoming book by the guys who invented the Bacon Explosion will, as it happens, not include the recipe for said monstrosity, The Pitch reports.
You'd think a six-figure book deal would help them play fast and loose with the content, but noooo, they have principles: "Everybody knows that one. We want to share our own [...]

Big Deals: Creators of the Bacon Explosion Writing a Book

In what might be the first instance of a food meme to land a book deal, Publisher's Marketplace (reg required) reports the mind-boggling news that Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, better known as the inventors of gastrobomb (and New York Times article subject) The Bacon Explosion, have landed a six-figure book deal. Beth Wareham at [...]

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